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Portrait & Lifestyle Photography in Virginia Beach

In addition to baby photography, maternity photos, and being a special event photographer, I offer professional portraits along with documentary lifestyle photography.

Portrait Photography in Virginia Beach

Portrait photography considers lighting, body position, location, and composition when creating an image of a person or group. It’s really important that the photographer brings out everyone’s personality! It is also important that the subjects do not look stiff. When on my set, you’ll find that I keep the conversation going while continuously instructing you how to move and pose. I’ve studied posing academically and on set working with professionals in the fashion world. The last thing I want is to have people look unnatural!

When performing portrait photography in Virginia Beach, I do it either at my home studio or on location. At my home, I use strobe and continuous lighting to frame my subjects. I also use backdrops. I have several colors including thunder gray, fashion gray, white, bone, lilac, sea blue, and mocha. For on-location shoots, I use natural lighting, reflectors, and external flash.

There are several sub-genres of portrait photography. My specialties are actor headshots, corporate portraiture, family portraits, mini sessions, pinup photography, and senior portraits. Book a consultation with me and we can discuss the many options for your portrait photography in Virginia Beach.

Lifestyle Photography

I would consider anything that is “documentary style” as lifestyle photography. It is raw and unedited. In short, my goal is to tell your story through a lens.

I think of myself as a photographer who isn’t afraid to get in the middle of the action. Yet I’m also a photographer that is considerate enough to not be a bother. You can expect me to bring several lenses with varying focal lengths to get the job done. Ultimately, my goal is to give you a variety of angles at varying distances. I’ve been seen running from one side to the other just to get a different perspective. I do this because I care. I want you to remember the entire day, not from just one person’s view.

Lifestyle photography can be events, in homes, and at births. I welcome any inquiry to discuss how I can be the photographer that documents your memories.


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