Branch out and network with me! Here are my faq for photography in middletown, RI


Do you have a question? Below are a few photography FAQ. Please use the search tool on my website or contact me directly if you would like more information.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yup! Please advise if you need a certificate.


What gear do you use?

My primary camera body is a Nikon D850. My backup camera is a Nikon D600. I also use Sigma Art, Nikkor, and Tamron lenses.


Do you do other types of photography?

YES! I do it all.


What do I wear?

For family portraits: Wardrobe Style Guide.

For corporate portraiture: Wardrobe Style Guide for Corporate Portraiture


Where should we take our pictures?

Look at my list of Favorite Photography Locations in Rhode Island

What about weather delays?

I will contact you a few days in advance to reschedule if the weather report doesn’t look good for your shoot day and time. If you want to “see how it goes” the day of, and the weather does not permit, you will lose your retainer fee for that day and be presented with an opportunity to reschedule at a later date.


My gallery expired. Can you help me?

Galleries are valid for one month after delivery. A $20 fee will be assessed to open an expired gallery.


How do I get my photos?

I’ll send an email with a link to the gallery. The gallery has a download button. The gallery will be available for one month. Please save your files.


I lost my pictures! Help!

My policy is to delete RAW files a year after the shoot date. I usually keep the edits a lot longer. Please contact me and I will do my best to help.


Do you offer a military discount?

YES! I give active duty families a 10% discount on photography services. Please advise if you are military.


Do you give discounts on multiple sessions?

YES! Clients who bundle sessions receive 10% off. Please advise your intention to bundle sessions. Sessions cannot be bundled retroactively.

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