Maternity Photography


Most women shy away from the camera and never document their pregnancy. But that’s silly for so many obvious reasons! Pregnancy may feel like it lasts forever, but it is such a short time in the scheme of things. EVERYONE wants to see how you look pregnant; including the little baby you are growing! A maternity shoot empowers a mother and captures the love and joy that comes with expecting a child. Remember the last few weeks of your pregnancy with a photography session that commemorates your baby bump.


Maternity Photography FAQ


What kind of maternity session should I do?

You have a lot of choices in planning your maternity session. To start, there are a lot of “trends” happening today where moms are posing with smoke bombs, floating in milk baths, and wearing dresses that are larger than life. There are shoots that are considered “classic” and categorized as “fine art” where moms are posed artistic, sexy, or nude in a studio setting. There are also nature or maternal shoots where moms are seen sitting in tall grass or standing ankle deep in a river. The majority of moms choose to keep things simple though. A photograph of a mom posed well with her family will pass the test of time. The most important thing is to have the confidence to embrace your pregnant body. Create a memento you and your family will appreciate later.

In short, the options are limitless. I can help you focus your goals for your maternity shoot when we have our initial consultation. Contact me now to book your due date.


What do I wear?

Do you own a simple maternity dress or do you want to rent something more extravagant? While I offer a few choices of maternity dresses for you to borrow, I strongly suggest you choose something that suits your body type and artistic preferences. The “big reveal” of your growing bump should be all about you and your family. Here’s a list of vendors I recommend.


Where should we take the maternity pictures at?

Studio shoots are at my house. For an outdoor session, New England is your oyster! Check out my list of Favorite Locations to Photograph in Rhode Island.


When should I schedule my shoot?

Maternity sessions are typically booked between 32 and 36 weeks. Most clients who book a maternity session bundle it with other services such as Fresh 48 Photography or Newborn Photography. I offer a 15% discount when you bundle two or more sessions. I also offer my photography clients 30% off hair and makeup services. Click if you would like to view my hairstyling and makeup portfolio.

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