Lifestyle Photography in Virginia Beach 


Lifestyle photography is the “art of every day”. Typically, lifestyle photography is un-posed, while doing activities in your home. After our initial consultation, I will ask you to start brainstorming the activities you will want to do at your session. 


Lifestyle Photography FAQ


What photos will I receive?

Lifestyle photography sessions receive nearly all of the photos taken, less the images that are of lower quality. The images will be slightly edited and color corrected. Once editing is complete, a gallery link will be emailed and you will have the rights to download and print the files. Your images come with a print release. Please advise if you would like to purchase an organized and printed album.


Do I have to do the Lifestyle session at my house?

NO. As long as your family is doing an activity that actually happens in real life. Is there a place you take the kids on the weekends? Do you go on walks around your neighborhood? What about your favorite park? The options are limitless. Pay attention to your average days. What do you do? Where do you go? Make a list.


Is my house clean enough?

I’m not your mother-in-law. There will be no white glove test at your photo session. Hide your clutter in the closet and make your bed. It’s all smoke and mirrors (and, if needed, Photoshop). The goal is to have me document your life at home. Of course, we want it to look tidy. However, it doesn’t actually have to be perfect. The photo won’t show what’s hiding under the bed.


Is my house light enough?

YES, your house is light enough. I can find the light anywhere. Of course, there are things we can do ahead of time to help brighten things up a bit. I’ll ask you to make your bed with lighter colors. We will choose rooms that have the most windows and light colors on the walls. I can mold light with bounce cards and foam boards and use flash if necessary. I got this! Just be you.


Will you give us ANY direction?

A lifestyle photography session is not the same as an in-home session. While I don’t mind creating situations that are posed, we won’t get hung up on having everyone look at the camera. 

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